My Magical Journey
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My Magical Journey

The Vanishing Coin

by Danny Kazam on 02/26/14

Here is another very easy trick. Although it's very easy to learn and perform, remember that magic is about showmanship!

This trick uses what is called a "Stooge". A stooge is a term used to describe a person other than yourself who helps you make the magic happen. He/she should be someone you trust to not reveal the secret. Both of you should practice this together a few times before performing it for other people.

Here is the effect. A coin is held in your hand, your arms are extended and your sleeves are rolled up, ( you want no one accusing you of using your sleeves). You cover the coin with a handkerchief, or large napkin and allow several people to reach under the handkerchief to make sure it's still there. You whisk away the handkerchief, or napkin and the coin has magically vanished!

Here is the method. The last person to reach under the handkerchief or napkin is actually your "stooge" and he/she takes the coin away secretly in their palm. Once you get the hang of this trick, you can use it to vanish other small objects.

This is a very good trick that fools people, so remember to never reveal how the trick is done. When you do, you ruin the magic for your audience.

If you enjoyed this trick, and would like to see me post more, leave your comments below. Until next time...Happy Magic!

Free Trick

by Danny Kazam on 02/18/14

Since this is my first post in my blog, here is a free magic trick. I first learned this trick when I was around 11-12 years old. It was taught to me by my friend, Dennis.

Pepper Trick


Magician has cup with pepper and water.

Volunteer puts fingers in water trying to separate the pepper - nothing happens.

Magician puts fingers in water and the pepper separates.

Supplies: Water, Dish Soap, Pepper, and a Cup or Saucer


Put water in a cup, or on a saucer then sprinkle regular pepper.

Before show, rub soap on your finger -- don't let anyone see you do this. (The soap will separate the pepper)

Now that you know the secret, create a cool routine for it and amaze your family and friends!



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