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Danny Kazam's NO BULLY ZONE School Assembly Program

Regina, Saskatchewan, anti-bullying, Danny Kazam
Regina, Saskatchewan, magician, anti-bullying program, Danny Kazam
You are most likely already aware of the seriousness of bullying so let me get straight to the point. This elementary school assembly program was created to provide an introduction to anti-bullying for both students and teachers. Schools may opt to present the program as part of a kick-off drive on a year-long school-wide program, or as a culmination and synthesis of a program already in use. It serves well to either introduce students and teachers to common bullying concepts or to remind participants of the current issues.

During the 45 minute program, eight routines are presented, each representing a specific issue in an anti-bullying campaign. Students watch, participate and learn some identifying facts that will help them define and recognize bullying in themselves and others. In addition, they will learn some solid and practical aids to help them overcome being a victim, encourage friendship and camaraderie with others and prevent bullying by others. 

Each routine involves a specific magic trick and uses the trick to illustrate a specific point about bullying; thus each routine is coupled with a learning outcome about recognizing and preventing bullying.

This is not just a special themed magic show. This is an extremely well thought out educational awareness program that doesn't take the issue of bullying lightly. The program is up to date with all the latest info on bullying. 


"No Bully Zone" Poster and
Teacher's Guide

Regina, Saskatchewan, anti-bullying, Danny Kazam