Danny Kazam
Saskatchewan's #1 Children's Entertainer & Magician
Call: 306-731-3041
Email: dannykazam.gmail.com
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Danny Kazam
Magic Wand Magic Set
This is Danny Kazam's custom made magic set with giant magic wand case. It contains 8 of Danny's favorite magic tricks that are easy to learn. Recommended age is 5+
Secrets Of The Great Magicians Magic Set
Magic Money Machine
Chock-full of excellent tricks for the beginner, this magic set is packed in a gorgeous, full-color box that features pictures and posters of many of magic's most prominent practitioners of yesteryear, including Houdini, Cardini, Kellar and Herrmann. Inside you'll find props and instructions for over 100 incredible tricks, including a set of Goshman-made sponge balls, a Penetration Frame, Chain Escape, Magic Wand, Drawer Box, Rice Bowls, Wonder Blocks and much, much more. But, here's the best part: Each magic set comes complete with an hour-long instructional DVD teaching the purchaser how to perform with all the props included with the set! 
​This is sensational! Insert a blank piece of paper into the machine, turn the knob, and from the opposite side… OUT COMES A REAL FIVE DOLLAR BILL! Insert the $5 and it changes to a $10 bill, then the $10 changes to a $20. No skill required! Pocket size. The Magic Machine can be used to change any amount of currency, and is not limited to just $5's, $10's, $20's
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Welcome to our humble online store. 

This store is primarily intended for our Danny Kazam clients to purchase add on products for birthday parties and special events. If you are not a current client of Danny Kazam and wish to purchase any of the following products, please be informed that we only use the secure PayPal online payment method, and only except Canadian orders. Once order is made, you will receive a confirmation and a shipping fee that must be paid before items are mailed.

Clients, please email or phone in your order with product(s) name. An invoice will be sent to you and payment will be required upon Danny Kazam's arrival to your event location. 

Any questions, please email us at customerservice@dannykazam.com
Unequal-Equal Ropes

Performer shows three separate pieces of rope, each of a different size. There is a very short piece, a medium sized piece and a long piece. He then folds the three pieces and when the ropes are opened out again, all three pieces are seen to be the same length! This is a perfect illusion. If required, the three lengths of rope can be restored to their original sizes and passed out for examination.
Danny Kazam "Amazing Magic" Book 
Contains 13 amazing magic tricks using ordinary objects found around the house.
More products will be added to the store as I get more time, so keep checking in