About Saskatchewan  magician and family entertainer, Danny Kazam

Hi, I'm Dan Bernier

Also known as Danny Kazam.

Ever since I was a young kid I loved entertaining other people. Being able to bring joy, laughter and excitement to others with my humor and ridiculous antics felt like a sort of super power to me. 

I find it really healthy to laugh at myself. To be Danny Kazam is to be a beautiful idiot. It's about getting to the core of what makes me who I am and keeping my inner child alive, while having the chance to encourage children to expand their imaginations, and to believe in themselves, no matter their situations, or how different they are.

I want to empower my audience and give them an experience that changes their life, opens their hearts, and their minds, and the way they think. I want them to believe that anything is possible when you put your mind to it. And, I want to create memories that last a life time.

Ernie Coombs, known more famously as Mr. Dressup, and Shari Lewis were a huge influence on me as a child. Their shows helped shaped my creativity, helped expand my imagination, and showed me how to find adventure in everyday life.


Box 561, Lumsden, SK

S0G 3C0

PHONE: 306-731-3041

EMAIL: info@dannykazam.com

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