Better Than A Standing Ovation

Most performers I know enjoy getting standing ovations, who wouldn't? It's a sign that your audience found your show extraordinary and viewed your performance in high acclaim.

As a children's performer I've never received a standing ovation, but I believe there's also a good valid reason for it. Children don't know what a standing ovation is, nor do they know what it means. So how does a children's entertainer know when the children find your show to be extraordinary, or when parents and adults viewed your performance in high acclaim? I suppose there are different ways, but the most profound way in my opinion is when the children come up after the show to tell me how awesome I was, give me hugs, high fives, and ask for autographs with their parents, grandparents, or guardians right there taking pictures. There is no greater feeling than generating such a response from my audience. To me, it's the equivalent, or even better than a standing ovation.

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