Updated: Aug 16, 2017

As this is my very first blog ever, I think I should clear up any expectations you might have. I am not a skilled writer, and have no desire to be. On occasion, I may have a thought, idea, story, video, or a magic trick to share. I have no real set vision for this blog, and I'm curious to see where it will lead.

I hope that this blog will encourage others to join in and participate. People are more than welcome to disagree with me in the comments boxes as long as they are polite. You can also start your own discussion if you want. However, if you want to ask me a question not related to what’s currently on the blog, don’t use the comments box. Either email me or call me with your questions. If you have any inquiries about any of my shows, please email me or call me... unless of course I start a discussion about one of them.

In the meantime, you are free to share this blog with anyone and everyone. In fact, I encourage you to do so. The more the merrier they say. To comment on any posts, I only ask that you first sign up as a member. It's really quick and easy, and helps monitor this blog from unwanted trolls, and those who just want to advertise or promote products. Thanks!

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