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Build Your Child's Self Esteem

Building self esteem in a child will be the creating factor in the

makings of a healthy adult both in mind and body. The foundation of

having confidence and the rounded well being factor will definitely

carry through to adulthood and the successes expected.

Encouraging a child to positively develop their own individual self

image is very important. Though it starts as a small and

insignificantly thought of process, the building of self image is

actually have a very big impact in the way a child views themselves. These

views will undoubtedly be transferred into adulthood, so the

implications are far and wide.

Teaching a child to have a strong positive self image will also help to

keep the child from having future behavioural problems. These

problems normally stem from the feelings of looking for acceptance

which if not found within the family unit, will then be sought outside.

During the young stages of a child’s life, being available for the child

as much as possible is also another way to build self esteem. However

being around does not necessarily means pandering to the every

whim and fancy of the child. It is more to build a level of bonding

within the family unit so that the desired closeness will be

instrumental in growing the love and confidence element in the child.

Interacting and being genuinely interested in the child activities and

accomplishment is also highly recommended. Sometime it may

require a certain percentage of feigning interest but its well worth

exercising the effort to encourage the feeling of self worth in a child.

Explaining gently or correcting a child gently keeps the child from

becoming overly fearful yet still being able to understand the reason for

the correction and also being able to acknowledge the mistake. This in

turn helps the child to always be able to move on and improve

themselves even after a mistake has happened.

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