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Gary, The Not So Scary, Tricky Ghost 2.0

Updated: Sep 20

Created and produced by Danny Kazam

Step into the magical world of Gary the Not-So-Scary Tricky Ghost 2.0 and prepare for a spooktacular adventure filled with laughter and amazement!

Gary the Ghost, along with his playful monster pals, are here to entertain and mystify. Gary's enchanting magic is ready to charm and amuse, and the fun doesn't stop there. Join in on the hilarity as his monster pals dive into the world of magic too. This kit is your passport to unforgettable entertainment that's perfect for any Halloween occasion!

Plenty of audience interactions

Including the choice to use up to 9 volunteers if you want

Backstory on Gary Boodini

Once upon a time, in the obscure and forgotten corners of the world, lived a friendly ghost named Gary Boodini. In the past, he was a famous magician renowned for his incredible tricks that left people in awe. His fame came from daring escapes from locked boxes and chained water tanks, which used to make audiences around the world clap and cheer with joy. But with the passage of time, people stopped talking about Gary, and the applause faded away.

Gary always promised to perform his most astonishing trick of all: escaping from death itself. This idea intrigued and excited his fans. For years, they waited for his return, and some even attempted special ceremonies and rituals in hopes of bringing him back. Little did they know that Gary had already executed his daring feat – he had escaped death! However, he didn't return to the realm of the living. Instead, he found a unique place between life and death, becoming Gary, the not so scary, tricky ghost.

Gary Boodini wasn't your typical spooky ghost. He was a cheerful and playful spirit residing in an old, empty theater. He loved playing tricks and having fun. His giggles and laughter often echoed through the theater as he played amusing tricks on anyone who came to visit. Let's pay him a visit and see if Gary has a trick up his sleeve today.

What's Inside the Kit

With instructions for 2 full routines, 2 alternative routines, and a treasure trove of ideas for several alternative finales, you'll have endless options to keep your audience captivated.

Also included is a video download link with instructions, performance examples, and more tips and idea’s.

The kit also includes:

  • Devil's hank

  • a set of 12 - 8" x 11" cards

  • a folding flap book with a secret page

  • a cut-out of Gary for a magical appearance

  • 2 haunted envelopes

  • 1- 6" white silk

You provide the secret vanish device (T.T)

Quality and craftsmanship are guaranteed to make your magical journey with Gary the not so scary tricky ghost last a lifetime. Don't miss the opportunity to create unforgettable memories and astonish your audience with Gary the Not-So-Scary Tricky Ghost Magic Routine 2.0. Order now and let the magic begin!

Coming Soon!

Photo's of the graphics and monster cards

Why you should consider buying "Gary the Not So Scary Ghost 2.0"

Entertainment Value: The routine and tricks involving Gary are designed to entertain and engage your audience. It adds an element of mystery and fun to your performances, making them more enjoyable for both you and your audience.

Versatility: "Gary the Not So Scary Ghost 2.0" offers various routines and tricks that can be incorporated into your magic performances. This versatility allows you to customize your act and keep it fresh for different audiences.

Audience Interaction: The routine often involves audience participation, which enhances the overall experience. Engaging your audience in the magic tricks creates a more memorable and interactive show.

Professionalism: Using well-crafted routines and props like Gary can elevate the professionalism of your magic performances. It shows that you've invested time and effort in your act, which can lead to more bookings and satisfied audiences.

Running Gags: The routine includes the potential for running gags with Gary's disappearing acts. This can add humor and continuity to your performances, making them more entertaining and enjoyable.

Easy to Learn: "Gary the Not So Scary Ghost 2.0" provides clear instructions for the routines, making it accessible for both beginners and experienced magicians. You can quickly learn and incorporate these tricks into your repertoire.

Audience Reactions: The routine is designed to generate strong reactions from your audience, including laughter and astonishment. Positive reactions can lead to better reviews, word-of-mouth recommendations, and repeat bookings.

Unique Character: Gary is a unique and endearing character that sets your act apart from standard magic tricks. His backstory and mischievous personality add depth to your performances.

Professionalism: The routine comes with detailed instructions and props, ensuring that you have everything you need to deliver a polished and captivating performance.

Repeat Performances: With the variety of tricks and routines included in "Gary the Not So Scary Ghost 2.0," you can use it for multiple performances without the risk of becoming repetitive or boring.

In summary, "Gary the Not So Scary Ghost 2.0" offers a versatile and entertaining addition to your magic act. Whether you're a professional magician or just starting out, this routine can help you engage your audience, create memorable moments, and enhance the overall quality of your performances.

NOTE: There is currently a similar product on the market. It is strongly believed that the idea and concept was taken from me after I released the original version of, "Gary, The Not So Scary, Tricky Ghost a few years ago to the magic community. There are too many similarities to make it just a coincidence. The magic community frowns on this kind of behaviour.

The methods used are not new and are based on Edwin Hooper's, Farmyard Frolics. However, the idea and production of a Halloween themed version is new, and I was the first to produce a version. Gary, The Not So Scary, Tricky Ghost 2.0 is a much greater improvement over my original version and comes with so much more.

coming soon!

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