The Grey Elephant

It's a beautiful Sunday morning and I thought I would share a cool trick with everyone. It's a perfect trick to perform on older friends or adults, and will make it seem as if you are reading their mind in an impossible way!

This will work automatically. Just simply learn the script below and ask your friends to follow the instructions you give them - as long as they follow the instructions correctly, it'll work every time. But! Keep in mind to never repeat this trick to the same person twice. You can even follow the instructions first to see how amazing it is before trying it out on others.

"Think of any number between 1 and 10. When you have a number in mind, add 1 to that number.

Now add 3 to that number. Now subtract the first number that you thought of. Great! Now, think about the letter in the alphabet that matches the number you are thinking about. For example; if you are thinking of the number 1, the letter would be A. Number 2 would be B, and number 3 would be C, and so on." (Give them a moment to do this)

"Have you got a letter in mind? Fantastic! Now, think of any country that starts with the letter you are thinking of. Great. Spell the name of that country in your head. Now think about the second letter in that country's name. Got it? Good. Now, think of an animal whose name begins with that letter. Finally, think of that animals color." (Pause here, and make it seem as if you are really concentrating and trying to read their mind.)

"That's strange...this can't be right...there are no GREY ELEPHANTS IN DENMARK!"

Have fun with it

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