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The Secret To Owning The Room

Updated: Nov 19, 2023

Authored By Daniel Bernier

The Secret To Owning The Room" is an engaging e-Book that serves as a comprehensive guide for individuals aspiring to pursue a career in magic. Authored by Daniel Bernier, the book takes readers on a backstage journey to unveil the secrets of a successful magic show.

The 93 page e-Book emphasizes the importance of more than just tricks; it highlights the significance of establishing a personal connection with the audience to make the magic experience genuine and relatable. It provides a thorough exploration of showbiz essentials, offering insights into understanding the audience, captivating speech techniques, character development, and show scripting.

Practical advice is a key focus, covering topics such as managing volunteers, handling technical aspects like microphones and sound systems, selecting background music, and addressing personal wardrobe and makeup choices. The book encourages readers to view failures as opportunities for growth and even addresses stage fright in detail.

The later chapters delve into the ethical considerations within the magic industry, paying respect to predecessors, and offering guidance on building a sustainable magic career. The author concludes with valuable wisdom, emphasizing the importance of authentic connections, realness, and continuous personal and professional development.

Whether a beginner or an experienced magician, "The Secret To Owning The Room" promises to be a roadmap for creating memorable moments in the world of magic, making it a must-read for anyone looking to enhance their magic career.


$19.95 Instant Download (pdf)

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(excerpt from the e-Book)

Four Elements Of A Show

“In order for your magic to have its greatest impact you will need to be able to

entertain and wow your audience.” Daniel Bernier

In the pages of this book, we're going to explore the essentials that make a magician

shine on stage – grabbing the audience's focus and holding onto it throughout the

performance. If you're just starting out on your magical journey, this book is

tailored just for you. It's like a guide to help beginners navigate the exciting world of

magic performance, breaking down the key elements that contribute to a

captivating show.

Now, if you've already clocked in years of experience as a magician, don't think this

book isn't for you. In fact, it's designed to be a great refresher course, reminding

seasoned magicians of the fundamentals that sometimes get overlooked in the

hustle of performances. It's a chance to revisit the basics, refine your techniques,

and maybe pick up a trick or two you haven't tried before.

So, whether you're taking your first steps onto the magical stage or you're a

seasoned pro looking to fine-tune your craft, there's something valuable for

everyone here. Let's uncover the secrets that make a magician not just good but

truly mesmerizing, creating an experience that lingers in the minds of the audience.

Let’s start with the 4 Elements of a show:

The first element of a show is the magician performing the show. The magician

should carefully consider how they want to be perceived by the audience. The

beauty of this type of venture is that you can create any persona that fits you.

The second element is the content. It is important to consider the routines you are

performing and your script. The content is of immense value for any show. Well

organized subject matter is an integral part of a successful magic show.

The methods are the third element to consider. Magic tricks, what props to use,

will there be visual and sound aids like music and lights? Will you need volunteers?

The final element concerns the purpose of the show. Is it designed to inform? Is

it just to entertain? Is the show supposed to motivate and influence the audience? Is

it supposed to teach, or is it just to have a whole lot of fun?

Sometimes, your magic skills aren't just about putting on a show for fun. There are

gigs where you use your magic to get across important stuff. Like, you might create a

magic performance that's all about workplace safety – making it interesting for folks

to pay attention to important info.

But it's not just serious stuff. Picture this, you could get hired to wow a bunch of bigshot

executives at fancy corporate events. Your magic becomes a cool way to share

business strategies or other important messages. It's like making the business talk

less boring and more memorable.

And guess what? Your magic tricks might also become a cool way to promote things.

Imagine launching a new product or showing off some fancy services – your magic

show could be the highlight that gets people talking. The cool thing is, you can tailor

your tricks to match whatever the event needs.


$19.95 Instant Download (pdf)

USE CODE: kazam ( all lower case) for a $5 Discount


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