What Does Magic Mean To Me

I will make my humble attempt to explain.

What is magic? Or better yet, what does magic mean to me? One of the definitions the dictionary gives of magic is it's the art of producing illusions as entertainment by the use of sleight of hand, and deceptive devices. But magic is so much more when we focus on the effects magic has on our emotions, and our lives. It's a sense of wonder to an astonishing feat of unbelief. It can convey and solicit many different feelings and emotions.

I can recall as a child looking up at the clouds and wondering how they could just float up there like that. I'd imagine an enchanted city built on top of them. Sometimes I'd stare at them and watch as they would take on different shapes, forming into animals and people as if there was an invisible force sculpting them. Clouds weren't magic, but I felt a sense of magic through my imagination, and lack of knowledge of what clouds really were.

As I grew older, and gained a better understanding of what a cloud was, and how they were created, part of the mystique was lost. However, I could still look up at the clouds, unleashing my imagination while observing them transpire into works of art. There was beauty in it despite there no longer being wonderment.

Same can be said for when I'd look into the night sky. Staring at the moon, and watching the blinking stars gave me a sense of wonder which would provoke my imagination into creating my own answers. As ridiculous as some of them were, it was fun and entertaining. Even though I now know much more about the stars and the moon, there is still much to wonder isn't there? When gazing out into the vast universe I can't help but wonder what's out there beyond what we can see?

Magic for me worked the same way. With wonder and astonishment, I watched magicians on television when I was a child, stirring up emotions of both confusion and delight. Watching them do things which were impossible feats, and defying every law of nature left a magical feeling within me.

Many years later as I first began to study the art of magic, and learning some of the secrets behind many tricks, the wonder of it all began to fade. The use of sleight of hand, deceptive devices, mis-direction, etc. The trick was just a trick. It no longer begged me to use my imagination. The wonder of how magic was accomplished was eventually lost.

But...a brand new door of discovery opened up for me. Sparking new life into my imagination, and creating a whole new universe of magic into my life. I was inspired by my new found knowledge of the art to become the vehicle, combining and manipulating the natural elements, (much like clouds are made of water drops or ice crystals floating in the sky), to help create wonder and astonishment, and spark the imaginations of children and adults alike.

It's not the tricks that create the magic. It's what I do with those tricks, and how I present them to my audience. By producing illusions as entertainment, I help to not only keep magic alive and well in my own life, but to thousands of others too. Or so I'd like to think.

Magic to me is the sheer enjoyment of watching others enjoy themselves while I, present impossible feats of wonder and disbelief through entertainment and comedy. And, maybe even getting them to forget about their problems, (even for just a short time we have together) while at the same time leaving them feeling what I can only describe as a magical experience.

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