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Prepare for spine-tingling excitement with Gary Boodini!


In a haunted theater, Gary's quirky friends eagerly await his grand performance. The suspense builds as we discover Gary mysteriously missing. The theater folder is set aside, unveiling five enormous cards featuring fascinating creatures, with Gary taking center stage.

But Gary loves a grand entrance! A brave volunteer joins the journey, and Gary goes into a chained and locked vault, held by the volunteer. Now, it's your turn. Help Gary escape from the vault, but he remains trapped, puzzling everyone.

A twist of magic, and Gary vanishes from the card, leaving a trace behind. The theater folder reveals his absence, deepening the mystery. The envelope hides a white hanky, but Gary can't return without his ghostly sheet.!


With a flick, the hanky disappears, but Gary stays elusive. Unbeknownst to the magician, Gary teases from the shadows, delighting the audience. Peeking out from behind the haunted theatre. First from one side, and then from the other, and back on forth until the magicians catches him peeking from the top. All this to the laughter and delight of the audience.

The magician catches on, finally spotting Gary. It's time for the grand finale. A makeshift bag from a handkerchief, Gary inside, a touch of mystique, and... Behold, Gary vanishes! When the theater folder opens, he's back, ready to conclude this enchanting journey!


Here's what you get inside the kit:

  • Two full routines, plus idea's for various presentations, finale's and running gags

  • Devil's hank approx. 22" x 22"

  • A set of 13 cards (8 1/2" x 10 1/2") These cards are not produced on cheap card stock. Images are printed directly onto quality card stock with an extra layer of protection.

  • A folding flap book with a sneaky secret page 

  • A cut-out of Gary, ready for a magical entrance

  • 2 mysterious haunted envelopes (1 Vault with a lock and chain picture)

  • One spooky small white silk and vanish device

  • Written instructions


There are only a limited supply of these kits that will be produced. After that, a Lite Version will be available. It will not contain the devils hank, 2-large black envelopes, white silk, vanish device,  and will only come with 7 cards, not 13.

Gary, The Not So Scary, Tricky Ghost 2.0 KIT

SKU: 00711
  • Farmyard Frolics by Edwin Hooper

    Original Gary, The Not So Scary, Tricky Ghost published and marketed in 2018

  • We are so sure you'll love Gary, The Not So Scary, Tricky Ghost 2.0 that we offer a full money-back gaurantee. If you are not satisfied with this product, put it back into its original package, email us at requesting a refund within 9 days of receiving it, then mail back the product within 14 days and receive a full refund on the product. However, we cannot refund shipping costs.

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