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The Young Wizards Day Camp

The Young Wizards Day Camp

Libraries in Saskatchewan, get ready for a magical adventure at the Young Wizards Day Camp! Exclusively for kids aged 6 to 12, this three-hour event will leave young attendees spellbound.


The day starts with a story time session led by none other than the renowned children's entertainer Danny Kazam. Listen to tales of magic and wonder as Danny transports you to a world of fantasy.


After story time, it's time to get creative with arts and crafts. Each young wizard will get to make their own magic hat and wand, perfect for casting spells and performing illusions.


In the magic workshop, Danny Kazam will teach a variety of tricks and illusions, and help young attendees harness their newfound wizarding skills. By the end of the workshop, everyone will be a master of magic!


And finally, the grand finale: a live magic show performed by Danny Kazam. Get ready to be amazed by Danny's incredible skills and illusions, and be sure to bring your magic hat and wand along to show your support.


All materials including craft supplies are included. Children get to keep everything they make, as well as any props or materials handed out for the magic workshop


For more information, or to book your Young Wizards Day Camp, contact us directly by email or by phone. 

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