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Do You Believe In Magic

Your West Central Voice

By Joan Janzen

Kids, six to twelve years of age, attended The Young Wizards Day Camp at the Kerrobert Courtroom Gallery on Wednesday, August 16th. The Kerrobert Library hosted the three-hour camp with special guest magician Danny Kazam from Lumsden, Sask. Danny is Saskatchewan’s Number 1 children’s magician.

About two dozen kids enjoyed story time and crafting their own magic hat and wand before Danny taught them some magic tricks. First of all, he taught the kids in a group setting and later spent one-on-one time with each of his apprentice magicians, ensuring they had mastered their new skills.

He taught the kids how to make three different lengths of rope, magically change to three ropes of the same size, then return to their original different lengths. They also learned a jumping band trick, where a rubber band appears to jump across to wrap around two other fingers.

After the instruction ended, the public was invited to attend Danny Kazam’s magic show. As parents, family and friends arrived to watch the show, the apprentice magicians excitedly shared their new skills. When it came time for the magic show to begin, Danny’s students were totally excited to see him perform his magic!

The children were laughing, cheering and completely engaged as Danny proceeded to extract balls of light out of their ears, and pull lengthy streamers and an abundance of red balls out of his mouth. There was never a dull moment. He even brought out his puppet, who participated with the children on stage.

It was all part of the entertainment Danny has created during his thirteen-year-long career. It’s obvious he loves bringing joy to children and teaching them new skills. Those skills benefit kids by helping build up their confidence, increase their hand-eye coordination, develop their fine motor skills and dexterity, and help them make friends while having fun.

His young campers are learning how to work as a team without even realizing it. While teaching them the well-known magic words while waving a wand, Danny reminded the kids that there are other magic words, such as “I love you,” “good job,” and “thank you.” And all the kids shouted a boisterous “thank you” to Danny as they happily departed with their magic hats and wands.

Photos by Joan Janzen

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